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How To Keep Your Sanity In The Ocean Of Free Marketing Information

So what have I got to show for the last 4 weeks since kicking off with my cocky, ambitious first post?

To be brutally honest, I’ve mostly just acquired a new inbox, unreasonably full of emails from successful marketers and copywriters. Which has of course provided me with some interesting insights, but also a sense of being totally overwhelmed with the information so readily made available.

I’m getting emails everyday from:

The overload is made even worse due to the fact that I haven’t even had a chance to open this email account for at least 2 weeks while working with the Soundwave music festival, on tour around Australia. As of writing I have 90 unread emails in my inbox. I’m thinking, I may have to unsubscribe from a few lists and focus on just a few at a time to save my sanity (I have found sanity to be a crucial part of being successful at anything).

But other than whining about the barrage of free information, what have I learned?

From the little time I’ve been able to spend on this learning project, I’ve really taken a liking to CopyBlogger’s philosophy on internet marketing. I’m also very excited to delve into the archives of The Gary Halbert Letter.

CopyBlogger has introduced me to the two main “tribes” in the internet world. On one side you have the “cool kids” who are the opinionated, cultured, fashionable bloggers, experts at building a large following, but fall down when it comes to captilizing on their popularity. They’re the ones who know how to get the attention, but no idea how to make a living from it. Then there’s the heartless, capitalist internet marketers, who drive the fancy cars and are just out to make money from anyone and everyone.

The key is to find a balance between these two extremes – to be able to build a strong, loyal following, then to have the ability to monetize from that popularity. Most people are so against the idea of becoming anything like a pushy salesperson that they totally neglect to cultivate the crucial skill of being able to sell. If you are providing solid information, and positively affecting the lives of those that follow you, it is your right to ask for something in return (we all have to eat, and some of us want to drive really fast cars). Having said that, there is so much information now available on the internet, that you will have to learn how to seperate yourself from everyone else in your field if you want a successful business. You will have to learn to develop a unique personality that your audience can relate to, without falling into the trap of trying to appeal to everyone.

If you read the 1000 True Fans article by Kevin Kelly, you begin to realise that you don’t need to have an opt-in list of 500,000 to make a living. Cultivate a small amount of true fans that love everything you do, learn how to ask for a sale and reap the rewards. This can only be done by offering unique content, personality and perspective wrapped up in a healthy relationship with those fans, where they realise from the beginning that you are there to make money.

CopyBlogger has put together a 20 part internet marketing course which I’d highly recommend,for anyone wanting to develop that fine internet marketer/content provider mix. Sign up to the course here and check out their “Two Tribes” article.

So far, the best source of free, expert copywriting and marketing information I’ve found is The Gary Halbert Letter. You don’t even have to provide your email address to gain access to the treasure trove of past newsletters from the late marketing genius, Gary Halbert, as well as continued additions from a variety of other marketers. Not only is the site an amazing place to spend hours learning, but it doubles as a fantastic swipe file of effective copy. You get instant access, all for free. So if you haven’t already – get on that!

Alright, I’m going to leave it there for now, because I’m missing out precious learning time.

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2 thoughts on “How To Keep Your Sanity In The Ocean Of Free Marketing Information

  1. Freeman on said:

    I’ve been listening to the I Love Marketing podcast from Dean Jackson and Joe Polish – I highly recommend it. They are easy to listen to, and its so damn informative. I listen to it while walking back and forth from school.

    I’ll be following your blog!

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